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MAFFI  1929

Town Sedan

Message from the President

                         Marlin Perry

The Southern California Regional Group (SCRG) of the Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA) is a non-profit corporation consisting of 29 MAFCA chapters from Santa Barbara to San Diego. The region hosted the 2002 National Meet in Riverside, the 1997 National Membership Meeting, which was MAFCA’s 40th anniversary in Buena Park and the 2007 National Membership meeting, which was MAFCA’s 50th anniversary in Ontario. The Region also sponsored several regional meets in the Southern California area and is actively encouraging member chapters to plan a future regional meet.

SCRG coordinates MAFCA events in Southern California by interacting with regional Chapters and publishing a Southern California Calendar of Events to ensure maximum inter-chapter participation and minimize conflicts.

The Region also provides a forum for chapters to exchange information, discuss issues and formulate a position regarding matters currently before the MAFCA Board of Directors.

The Region restored a 1930 Coupe that was raffled off at the 2002 National Meet in Riverside for the benefit of the MAFCA sponsored youth entries in the X-Cup.also restored a 1929 Town Sedan that is now part of the the Model A Ford Foundation, Inc. (MAFFI) Museum in Michigan.


SCRG meets three or four times a year at various locations throughout Southern California. The meetings are announced in the Region’s Newsletter that is available to any member of any Southern California chapter via e-mail or can be found on this website.

Each chapter is requested to designate a member to be a Region Representative to attend the region meetings but any member of a Southern California chapter is welcome to attend. If you are interested in joining our activities, see our Chapter Members page for information on a MAFCA chapter in your area or the Calendar of Events for the location of our next meeting.

Mailing address:

SCRG/Elaine Perry

5528 N Lenore Avenue

Arcadia, CA 91006